Friday, September 15, 2000

hi jennie-san! I love you girl! I've been so bored at home lately. You should give me a call sometime. I went to disneyland yesterday. It was pretty fun, but freaking expensive. Can you believe my cheap ass paid for both me and Jimmy's tickets? Oh well. I hope you get this. Talk to you later girly. Love, Jessi-san

Thursday, September 14, 2000

well, it's just lil ol' me here. ^^ oh well. i guess i'll just have to settle with talking to myself for the time being. hopefully some of y'all will decide to sign up even though i haven't talked to some of you guys in months. that it to say, if you haven't already forgotten me. lol. all's well though. well, just testing everything out, wanted to see if this worked.